4D PRO Bungee is a type of body weight sling-training in which students are suspended from the ceiling with a 4D PRO ReAction trainer (developed by Dr. Gharavi, a renowned fitness trainer for Olympic athletes) consisting of elastics and handles to minimise impact on joints. The program is focused on helping students use their own body weight to train their muscles to move faster and independently from each other – requiring them to engage every muscle available to steady themselves with every bounce.

由德國雙博士學位的教授醫生Homayun Gharave發明的4D Pro Reaction Trainer®,原意是為運動員在受傷期間作治癒和修復,因此既考驗體能,彈弓設計又同時有助讓動作完成,即使沒有運動基本功的運動初哥,也容易掌握,有效避免造成關節勞損或肌肉拉傷。透過彈弓吊索輔助做出一連串動作,往上、下、左、右、前、後等方向移動,鍛煉身體同時可訓練大腦,提升協調性、速度、反應。

4D Pro Bungee
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