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Having 20 years of experience being a team coach for Live Tactical defense, Fish Possess an abundant amount of experience in regards to survival fitness, defense techniques as well as fighting knowledge, hence his previous ventures in the bodyguard industry.

Being a fitness enthusiast, Fish is also a current bodybuilder with a wealth of experience relating to bodybuilding.



• Global Classic – International Judges Course

• 2013 (HKFBF) International Bodybuilding Invitation Championship - Classic Men’s over 170cm 2nd Place

• 2014 (HKFBF) International Bodybuilding Invitation Championship - Men’s Local Over 85kg 3rd Place

• Defensive Tactics Small Group Instructor (SGI)

• Sports Science & Fitness Foundation Certification (AASFP)

• Advance Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (AASFP)

• Muay Thai Instructor Certification (AASFP)

• Sports massage Certification (AASFP)

• Post-Rehab Fitness Trainer Certification (AASFP)

• PTA Global Certification - Personal Training

• Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Certification


• Certificate of attendance – Anatomy Trains® in Motion

• Stick Mobility - Level 1

• Stick Mobility - Level 2

• Certificated Functional Strength Coach - Level 1

TRX Certificate 

VIPR Certificate 

• Bulgarian Bag Certificate


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