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Chris Cham


Christopher grew up with a bodybuilder father. Influenced by him, Christopher started weight training at the age of 16, and he became the 2nd runner-up in the HKFBF bodybuilding competition in 2019 . Chris has been training clients since early 2016 and helping his clients to reach their goals is the most satisfying thing for him ever!!!


Move well.Move often.


  • Biomechanics & Execution Course, N1 Education

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Kilo Level 1 Coach, KILO Strength Society

  • Program Design Course, KILO Strength Society

  • Periodization Course, KILO Strength Society

  • Optimizing Strength Ratios Course, KILO Strength Society

  • Resilient Training and Rehabilitation: Evolve Biomechanics Mentorship

  • Advanced Soft Tissue Release Techniques, Bodymaster Method ®

  • A Neuroanatomical Approach to Manual Therapy: Lower Limb & Lower Midline

  • Unlocking the Science of Neurodynamics: Strategies to Improve Movement,Integrated Kinetic Neurology

  • Breath Coordination: Assessment & Practical Integration for Movement Practitioners,Integrated Kinetic Neurology

  • The Neurology of Movement, Integrated Kinetic Neurology

  • Immaculate Dissection 6:Assessing Movement Subsystems

  • Reflexive Performance Reset, Levels 1 & 2

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Poliquin Certified Personal Trainer

  • Rehab-U Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance specialist

  • IASTM Technique Course

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