Manson So

Personal Trainer

Manson 有超過7年的健身經驗,親身見證運動如何讓身體變得強壯,同時體驗到身體是最誠實的,透過運動可以發現自己平日的壞習慣和健康警號。因此他常激勵學員說身體最誠實,改變要行動!

With over 7 years fitness experience, Manson witnesses how his body has become stronger and healthier. He also realizes his own weakness and bad habits through workout. Manson believes a body can tell the truth of your present physical and mental condition. That’s why he always tells his students “Your body is honest to you, change with action!”



  • AASFP Certificate in Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer

  • TRX Certificate

  • Purmotion Level 2



  • Functional Training 

  • Weight Training

  • Endurance Training 

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Toning

  • Core

  • General Fitness

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