Sam Leung

Personal Trainer

Sam從小就對健身有一份濃厚的興趣, 由接觸至今已有十年經驗。及後在14年決定考取健身教練資格並踏上全職健身教練之路,希望讓學生明白到健康體適能的重要性。

Sam has had experience in physical training for over 10 years, and been keen on fitness since he was young. He became a certified and full time personal trainer in 2014, hoping to let his students understand that healthy physical fitness is important.


  • Certificate in Advanced Personal Trainer (AASFP)

  • First Aid (St John Ambulance)



  • Strength Training

  • Weight Gain and Fat Loss

  • TRX

  • HIIT

  • General Fitness

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