TRX is an ultimate exercise routine that uses your own bodyweight and gravity to develop strength, coordination, flexibility and core stability. TRX training offers a variety of plyometric exercises which is suitable for all fitness levels. Every workout helps to improve the body core and increase range of motion.

TRX 是前美國海軍陸戰成員設計,讓士兵可以在曠野都能隨時訓練的工具,很有趣而且具挑戰性。藉由吊掛式的訓練方式,改變身體的重心,來訓練特定部位的肌肉。利用自身重量去建立力量、協調性、柔韌性和核心肌肉穩定性的運動,運動強度因各人的身體狀況而不同,適合不同程度。

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