Hatha Yoga

(Level 1)

Yoga class contains various basic asana, breathing and meditation exercises.  You can learn how to safely train your muscle and stretch.



初級瑜珈包含各種基本體位法的練習、呼吸法與靜坐冥想練習, 由基本肌肉力量及伸展動作開始, 學習安全地練習。


Selective Hatha Yoga postures provide a complete stretch to the body. Stretching postures help to remove stiffness and tension in muscles and improve blood circulation.



帶動身體完整的伸展. 姿勢延展可有效移除肌肉僵硬及緊張感。學生可配合繩及瑜珈磚等工具簡單地達到伸展效果, 促進人體血液循環。


Yoga Deep Stretch

(Level 1)

Yoga Flow

(Multi Level )

Incorporate a combined practice of asanas from beginner’s level to more advanced level. Activating the body's oxygen and blood circulation.


特定的式子串連練習, 動作由淺到深停地連貫, 帶動身體氣和血液的運行。


(Multi Level )

The human body removes waste and unnecessary elements through the circulatory system, digestive system and lymphatic system. Detox Yoga is practiced under high temperature and it involves poses  ranging from various forward bends to simple back bends. This helps to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, reduce flatulence and tackle constipation problem.

人體是藉由循環系統、消化系統及淋巴這三個系統來排除體內廢物。高溫排毒瑜伽透過進行各種扭轉式子、前彎式子以及簡單的後仰式子, 促進腸臟蠕動, 有效減少胃氣及改善便秘問題。

Yoga Therapy

(Level 1 )

Combines modern stretching and traditional yoga asana. Uses tools and interactions between partners to minimize aches and pains suffered such as, lower back pain, osteoneuralgia and periarthritis of the shoulders.

結合現代筋膜伸展及傳统瑜伽動作, 利用工具及雙人互動有效地減輕現代人一般痛症, 如坐骨神經痛, 肩周炎, 背痛等問題。

Yoga Bou

(Level 1 )

Yoga Bou (stick or rod in Japanese) is a prop designed to help release muscular tensions in the body, which also helps realign your body axis, the basis of good posture, and release tension around shoulders and hip joints. It is an effective tool to teach oneself correct alignments of yoga poses.


Aerial Serial

Precaution:  Persons with conditions such as heart disease, high or low blood pressure, pregnancy, inflammation in the head (e.g. otitis media or conjunctivitis) and those not fully recovered after surgery are not suitable to perform inversion poses.  It is recommended for them to take Aerial Therapy class instead.

Please notify the teacher at once of any injuries or discomfort.



注意事項: 凡心臟病, 高血壓, 低血壓, 懷孕, 頭部疾病 (如中耳炎或紅眼症)及手術後未完全康復者, 均不適宜作空中倒轉, 但可参加空中治療班。如有傷患或不適, 必須先向導師說明狀况。

Aerial Yoga

With the support of a soft suspended fabric, Aerial Yoga explores what happens when you combine classical asanas with elements of aerial acrobatics. Students of all levels can learn to flip, fly and flow through Aerial Yoga sequences. Suitable for everyone.



空中瑜伽,借助懸掛於空中的柔軟綢帶,將瑜珈體式與空中技巧完美結合. 任何程度的學生圴可以學習在綢帶上翻轉、飛起來、以及通過空中瑜珈序列動作運動起來. 適合任何人仕。

Aerial Therapy

Hammocks are adjusted to ankle height, Aerial Therapy involves comfortable and passive movements in order improve the cervical spine, alleviate general muscle pain and relieve stress. Suitable for everyone.


吊床調較至足踝高度, 以舒適及靜態動作治療頸椎, 脊骨及一般肌肉痛症, 舒緩生活壓力, 適合任何人仕。

Aerial Pilates

Hammocks are adjusted to knee height, by adding elements of Pilates into these sessions, Aerial Pilates help to tone up the body, lose weight and strengthen core muscles and core balance.Suitable for everyone.

吊床調較至膝蓋高度, 配合普拉堤動作強化核心肌肉及平衡, 快速達到塑身效果, 適合任何人仕。

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