1: 1 Personal Training

We’re all unique, with different personality, habits and body condition. The best training programme should be set that fits your uniqueness and brings out your best. Our professional coaches, equipment and guidance will help you stay on track, reach your goals and get to a healthier place.

We also offer 1 on 2 training, contact us for more details.





我們的私人教練均有豐富教學及個人健身經驗,會因應你的目標、程度和生活習慣去編制專屬你的訓練。配合InBody 身體分析儀檢測身體結構,如身體總水重、脂肪、蛋白質和礦物質,而且也反映體脂率、肌肉分布和身體水分平衡;這些資訊對瞭解和跟進身體的詳細狀況非常重要,我們的教練會就分析作出針對性的訓練,令訓練更科學化。



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